Now, suppose you bought your dream car…and it could be sports car, or it could be an old banger, but the point is, you love this car, it’s your pride and joy. And you know that to make a car smoothly, you need to service it regularly, and if you don’t, the filters get clogged up, and it doesn’t work as well as it should… 
And in the same way the car needs to be serviced, to keep it running smoothly and efficiently, you need time and space to focus on your inner-self. And by doing this, you can let go of fear and insecurity, and at the same time, bring forth your own your own unique strengths, so that you can live the way you want to. 

How can hypnotherapy help you feel better? 

Reframe Negative Thought Patterns 
Banish Stress and Anxiety 
Overcome Past Trauma 
Increase Confidence and Motivation 
Raise Self-Worth and Self-Esteem 

Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 

Let me start by saying, there’s no such thing as “Confidence”. That’s right! Confidence is a state of mind, not an emotion in its own right, although it’s certainly influenced by emotions. When people talk about “having confidence” what they really mean is Fear, or more specifically, a lack of fear. Now what could you do, if you were less afraid?... 
How we feel determines how we behave on a surface level. So when you don’t feel confident, it shows on the outside, it shows in your performance, and how you relate to the world around you. That’s because what’s happening in your unconscious mind, has a profound impact on everything that you think, feel and do. And by fixing what’s under the surface, everything else above it clicks into place. 
Fear is a primary emotion, based in the unconscious mind. All living creatures feel fear, and it’s fundamental to survival. If you were suddenly confronted by a hungry lion, fear would trigger your natural “fight or flight” response, flooding your system with stress hormones, namely adrenaline and cortisol, causing a partial shutdown of cognitive functions, (similar to trance) and prepares you to either fight or run. So fear is essential, and although you might be tempted, you wouldn’t want to remove fear completely. Remember the lion! And the really interesting thing is, the threat doesn’t have to be real…your mind just has to perceive it as real. And sometimes things go wrong, the wiring gets screwed up, and that fight or flight response kicks in when it isn’t needed. We call this Anxiety. 
Anxiety has a profound impact on your physical and mental state, increasing your stress hormones, whilst limiting your rational thought processes, so that you become confused and tongue-tied. And from somewhere deep down, there’s an overwhelming sense of dread. 
When you suffer from anxiety, you live in your head. You believe yourself to be a deep thinker. Well, that may be true, but when you suffer from anxiety, you’re not really thinking…not with the logical part of your mind at least. What you’re actually doing, is using the creative part of your mind to imagine the worst case scenario, and how you’ll cope when things go wrong. This in turn, increases your anxiety, making those thoughts of something going wrong in the future, all the more intrusive. And so the cycle continues, getting progressively worse. 
You may know the source of your anxiety, or you may not. Sometimes you think you know, and you discover it’s about something else entirely. The important thing is, hypnosis delves deep into the conscious mind, so you’ll know when and how it originated. We call this sort of therapy; Regression. Literally, regressing to cause. And once you recognise it, you’re in a position to change it. 
Over 4-6 sessions, several therapeutic techniques are used to release the anxiety and free yourself from intrusive negative thought patterns, like going inside and pressing the RESET button, so that you only feel fear when it’s absolutely necessary, the way you were meant to. And once the anxiety is gone, your confidence inevitably increases, and you’ll instinctively become calmer and more relaxed. Hypnosis develops your self-belief, so you have the confidence to take control if you need to, and at the same time, let go of important things. 
So if you find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time and energy, worrying about things that haven’t happened yet, get in touch and see how hypnotherapy can help. Consultations are free in-clinic and online. 

Motivation and Confidence 

How we feel determines how we behave on a surface level. So when you don’t feel confident, it shows on the outside, it shows in your performance, and how you relate to the world around you. That’s because what’s happening in your unconscious mind, has a profound impact on everything that you think, feel and do. And by fixing what’s under the surface, everything else above it clicks into place. 
Lacking confidence and self-belief will only set you back. Hypnotherapy can give you tools you need to break free from your unhappiness, by focusing your mind and providing you with the determination and motivation to achieve your full potential. 

Emotional Trauma and Healing the Inner Child with Hypnotherapy 

We aren't who we are because of the things we have gone through. We are who we are, because of the way we allow those things to affect us. 
Perception is everything! 
The damaged child is impulsive, narcissistic, dependent, needy and afraid of being abandoned. They haven't learned to regulate their emotions or act from logic and reason. Such a child is likely to act out and a damaged inner child is no different. However, healing the inner child with hypnotherapy can eliminate these feelings and behaviours, even in adulthood.  
Ignoring your inner child is never a good idea. Just as a normal child acts out when they want attention, so does the inner child. And the more you try to silence your inner child, the more they will try to get your attention, though increasingly destructive behaviours, such as; 
Anxiety and Depression 
Self harm 
Substance Misuse 
You can't fix your inner child. Once the damage is done, it becomes a part of your history if nothing else. For most people, it changes the way they feel, think and behave. Although you can't fix the inner child, you can help it heal it. Hypnotherapy allows you to communicate directly with your inner child, making it a particularly powerful therapy for those who suffered a difficult childhood, and those who are not able to relate to their inner selves.  
You can't change what happened, but you can change the way you think about it, and sooner than you might think, the scars begin to fade and become lighter. 

Not just a state of mind... 

“For me, anxiety feels as if everyone in the world is waiting for me to trip up, so that they can laugh at me. It makes me feel nervous and unsure whether the next step I take is the best way forward.” 
“I've never been more stressed in my life than the 6 months leading up to my wedding. Everyone kept asking me if I was happy and expecting me to be excited all the time but I just couldn't feel it. I ended up getting really ill.” 
“My self esteem has almost disappeared. I don't know how to interact with people anymore and find it hard to enjoy the things that I like.” 
“I criticise myself in a way I wouldn't dream of doing to others.” 

Healing Your Heart With Hypnotherapy 

It's never easy to walk away from a relationship, even when it's destructive. It doesn't matter how much friends and family tell you they are no good, your heart wants what it wants and you can think of very little else. You can't sleep, can't concentrate or eat properly and it seems like the only person that can take the pain away, is the one that has caused it... 
If you are having difficulty letting go of someone, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis uses the power of the unconscious mind to heal from within and bring your negative emotions under control. 
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