Hypnotherapy for Anxiety 

We are not who we are, because of the things we have gone through. We are who we are, because of the way we allow those things to affect us. 
Perception is everything! 
Hypnotherapy changes the way you perceive your bad experienced and allows you to recognise and release your negative emotions, in a healthy, more productive way, allowing you the freedom to live your life, as you would want. 

Set Yourself Free with Hypnotherapy 

Lacking confidence and self-belief will only set you back. Hypnotherapy can give you tools you need to break free from your unhappiness. Always do what you are affraid to do. 
Hypnotherapy can focus your mind and provide you with the determination and motivation to achieve your full potential. 
It is never too late, to be what might have been. 
How Can Hypnotherapy Help?  
· Reframe Negative Thought Patterns  
· Banish Stress and Anxiety 
· Overcome Past Trauma 
· Increase Confidence and Motivation 
· Raise Self-Worth and Self-Esteem  
Hypnotherapy can also help with conditions which are related to or exasperated by stress and anxiety, such as; 
· Tooth Grinding (Bruxism) 
· Hair Pulling (Trichotillomania) 
· Insomina 
· Headaches 
· Blushing 
Four sessions: £250 | Six sessions: £360 
Single Session £70 
Hypnosenses offer a free face-to-face consultation, to help you decide whether hypnotherapy is right for you. It’s all about getting to know you better, really understanding how you are feeling and how the issues impact your life. Your consultation will include a detailed history, therapy mapping and gives you an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your treatment. 

Not just a state of mind... 

“For me, anxiety feels as if everyone in the world is waiting for me to trip up, so that they can laugh at me. It makes me feel nervous and unsure whether the next step I take is the best way forward.” 
“I've never been more stressed in my life than the 6 months leading up to my wedding. Everyone kept asking me if I was happy and expecting me to be excited all the time but I just couldn't feel it. I ended up getting really ill.” 
“My self esteem has almost disappeared. I don't know how to interact with people anymore and find it hard to enjoy the things that I like.” 
“I criticise myself in a way I wouldn't dream of doing to others.” 

Healing Your Heart With Hypnotherapy 

It's never easy to walk away from a relationship, even when it's destructive. It doesn't matter how much friends and family tell you they are no good, your heart wants what it wants and you can think of very little else. You can't sleep, can't concentrate or eat properly and it seems like the only person that can take the pain away, is the one that has caused it... 
If you are having difficulty letting go of someone, hypnotherapy can help. Hypnosis uses the power of the unconscious mind to heal from within and bring your negative emotions under control. 
Fill in the contact form to book a free consultation in one of our clinics. 

Healing The Inner Child With Hypnotherapy 

The damaged child is impulsive, narcissistic, dependent, needy and afraid of being abandoned. They haven't learned to regulate their emotions or act from logic and reason. Such a child is likely to act out and a damaged inner child is no different. However, healing the inner child with hypnotherapy can eliminate these feelings and behaviours, even in adulthood.  

Ignoring your inner child... 

Ignoring your inner child is never a good idea. Just as a normal child acts out when they want attention, so does the inner child. And the more you try to silence your inner child, the more they will try to get your attention, though increasingly destructive behaviours, such as; 
Anxiety and Depression 
Self harm 
You can't fix your inner child. Once the damage is done, it becomes a part of your history if nothing else. For most people, it changes the way they feel, think and behave. Although you can't fix the inner child, you can help it heal, through hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy allows you to communicate directly with your inner child. When you've accomplished that, the scars begin to fade and become lighter. 

Karma Therapy 

Karma Therapy is a uniquely designed treatment, bringing together the ancient practices of hypnosis and aromatherapy. Our sense of smell is approximately ten thousand times more acute, than our other senses. Once aromas are registered, scents travels faster to the brain, compared with both sight or sound and can trigger emotional and physical responses. This is because the sense of smell is linked to the oldest and deepest parts of the brain. 
Karma Therapy is a holistic, healing treatment, which uses aromatherapy essential oils, combined with hypnosis, to improve body, mind and spirit. 
Begin by choosing from a range of aromatherapy oils, specifically selected to sooth and quieten the mind. 

Essestial Oils 

Bergamot: Fresh, citrusy and slightly floral. Drinkers of Earl Grey Tea will be familiar with the aroma, as bergamot is used to flavour the tea. Bergamot is helpful during periods of depression, sadness or grief and other stress related conditions. 
Lavender: Floral, fresh and herbaceous. It’s calming and sedative qualities, make lavender the perfect choice to help you relax, fight stress and promote sleep. 
Roman Chamomile: Bright, crisp and herbaceous. Roman Chamomile is for anyone that is under stress, going through periods of depression or is challenged by anxiety. Roman Chamomile can help bring a sense of calm and is also used for anger or irritability. It is known to be especially helpful in combating insomnia. 
Rose Geranium: Floral, fresh and sweet. Rose Geranium is calming and balancing oil, which can help with anxiety, depression and fatigue. This oil is especially suited for women. It is known to support the reproductive system, menstrual cycle and during the course of the menopause. 
Ylang Ylang: Floral, sweet and delicate. Ylang Ylang is heralded for being helpful with stress and anxiety and is also used in cases of depression or when trying to cope with anger or irritability. 

Hypnosis and Aromatherapy 

After you have chosen your aromatherapy essential oil, you will be guided through a progressive muscle relaxation, allowing you to enter into “trance” This altered state of consciousness, allows you to refocus your energy, providing calmness and clarity. Hypnosis reaches the deepest parts of the unconscious mind and when combined with aromatherapy, can provide a level of relaxation and tranquillity, which is otherwise inaccessible. 

The Perfect Gift 

With gift vouchers available, Karma Therapy makes a uniquely different and thoughtful gift, perfect for Mother's Day or a special Birthday treat. This bespoke therapy, takes both your mind and your senses on a luxurious journey. Restore balance and bring harmony back to body and mind, with this deeply indulgent therapy. Why not buy a gift voucher today and spoil the special someone in your life or simply treat yourself? 
Cost: £60 (one hour session) 
This treatment is safe during pregnancy. 
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