Free Yourself From Smoking With Hypnotherapy  

Hypnotherapy bypasses the conscious part of the mind and directly addresses the unconscious, where the smoking habit lives. Whilst under hypnosis, a variety of techniques are employed to reframe thought patterns, changing the way you think about smoking and therefore eliminating the craving for cigarettes.  

Smoking and COVID-19 

COVID-19 is a respiratory viral infection that affects the lungs and airways. There is strong evidence that smoking tobacco is associated with an increased risk of developing respiratory viral infections. 
This is because smoking causes damage to the lungs, harms the immune system, and reduces your ability to fight infection. Smoking also involves repetitive hand-to-face movements, which also increase the risk of viruses entering the body. 
This means that if you smoke, you generally have an increased risk of contracting respiratory infections, such as COVID-19, and of more severe symptoms once infected. COVID-19 symptoms, may therefore, be more severe if you smoke. 
Stopping smoking now will bring immediate benefits to your health, including if you have an existing smoking-related disease. This is particularly important at a time of intense pressure on the NHS, which means there's never been a better time to stop smoking with hypnotherapy. 
Search your mind now and think about what you get out of smoking…pleasure; enjoyment; relaxation; confidence? You may even surprise yourself with your creative reasons, as to why you smoke but know and understand; these are all illusions!  
There is nothing to give up, only gain! 
As well as health and wealth, you will be free. Free from the slavery of having to go through life of systematically destroying your body and paying through the nose, for the privilege. 
There are only two reasons you smoke. The first is that you have an addiction to nicotine and the second is fear. Fear that life will never be quite as enjoyable. Fear you will be depriving yourself of something. Fear of being unable to cope with stressful situations. 
In other words, you have been brainwashed into believing there something inherent in a cigarette that you need and that when you stop, there will be a void. 
Make it clear in your mind now. Cigarettes do not fill a void, they create it! 
Fortunately, it is an easy drug to kick but first you need to accept you are addicted. Once you understand nicotine addiction and the real reasons why you smoke, you will easy stop doing it. 

Hypnosis and Smoking - What to expect 

The Smoke Free treatment program can be delivered in-clinic or online, and offers a unique clinical intervention, designed to address every aspect of smoking; from destroying the addiction, to alleviating cravings, whilst reducing the stress and anxiety, that causes you to reach for the cigarettes in the first place.  The Smoke Free treatment is carried out over three sessions. You may find you significantly cut down, or even stop smoking altogether after the first session, leaving the remaining sessions to focus on reinforcing your success, or targeting any specific concerns. Each session last 45-60 minutes, and promises to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed, in that way that only hypnosis can.  Support doesn’t stop when you leave the clinic. You will receive regular follow up contact and support from your therapist after your session, to check all is well, and provides the reassurance that we’re here if you need us. In addition to that, your three sessions can be spread out over a 4 month period, from the date your first session. This means; you're the one in control, and your stop smoking journey is made at a pace that is most comfortable for you.    3 Sessions - £300    

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